Looking for an easy way to create beautiful and useful eLearning courses that don't break the bank or take forever to build?

RapideL, our web-based rapid content authoring and reviewing tool offers your Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts and Content Developers a rapid online authoring environment to generate Flash and HTML5 eLearning courses. With customized multi-user and multi-role workflows, a gallery of readily-available templates, media elements and interactivities, a variety of easily configurable course settings, a collaborative storyboarding and reviewing environment, a web-based "What You See Is What You Get" authoring interface, and a host of other cleverly innovative features, RapideL is just the tool you need to increase return on investment and reduce time to market on your organisation's eLearning initiatives.

Top 10 Features

  • Cloud-based online authoring environment that can be accessed by users from anywhere in the world
  • MS Word-simulated or WYSIWYG storyboarding to make the authoring process simple, easy and intuitive
  • Word-simulated storyboarding/authoring – wide selection of templates and themes, and customizable workflows
  • WYSIWYG storyboarding/authoring - component-based model for flexibility in storyboarding
  • Single repository for efficient storage and reuse of assets
  • Timeline based audio synchronization with page elements to create high quality, interactive, multimedia courseware
  • Multi platform, multi-device, multi-browser support for course output in Flash and HTML5
  • Collaborative, role-based review mechanism – reduces feedback cycles by up to 30%
  • Streamlined multi-user workflows - reduces eLearning development time by up to 40%
  • Configurable settings and media integration - reduces development cost by up to 50%

Upcoming Features (Coming Soon...)

  • Use dynamic streaming to load course pages faster for better end-user experience
  • Upload large audio/video/images and other assets offline from desktop to RapideL
  • Customize product branding by importing UI and related graphical elements
  • Achieve branching navigation in your course content with a few simple clicks
  • Create application based training with robust and dynamic simulation templates
  • Package and deploy courseware as AICC and TinCan compliant products
  • Explore a world of new screen templates, player themes, functionalities, and more...

Why RapideL?

RapideL's end-to-end, configurable and collaborative workflow, coupled with its cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture, offers you a high level of flexibility and efficiency in developing rapid and cost-effective online training. From creating and customizing, to reviewing and publishing, and finally to packaging and delivering, RapideL guarantees two things across your entire online courseware development lifecycle – ease of use to put your mind at ease.

Read on to learn more about RapideL and how it can benefit you every step of the way.
4C's of RapideL


Start anytime, access anywhere

It's all web-based and in the cloud, so you can access RapideL from anywhere. No installation or plugins required. All you need is a PC (or Mac) and an Internet connection to connect, collaborate and create your courses online.

Storyboard interactive courses with ease

No experience in rapid authoring? No problem! Instructionally-sound and predefined Word-simulated storyboard formats—coupled with a wide selection of templates, themes, and customizable workflows—provide your instructional designers and subject matter experts a familiar interface to make content designing as easy as working on a word processing application.

Don't just hope it works... make sure it does

Don't wait for the course to be published to iron out the chinks – preview as you go with the "What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)" component-based authoring interface. Drag and place elements exactly the way you want your learners to see them, synchronise audio with page elements using the Timeline Editor, and then preview your design by page, topic, or course at the click of a button.


Configure your course the way you want

As the course Owner, you can adjust settings to match your project requirements either at the start or at any point during development, including configuring the course player features, theme and navigation.

Make your course media-rich and beautiful

Speed up the development process using RapideL's ready-to-use player, theme and template galleries and make your course engaging using the media and interactivity libraries.

Don't ever lose your work or your time

Setup RapideL's powerful version control system to maintain backups of all pages that you create. If something goes wrong, simply roll-back to a previously-saved version at any time.


Author collaboratively with your team

Collaborate and work with your team on the same course. Assign “Author” roles so that team members can work simultaneously on the same project and collaboratively speed-up course creation.

Get your experts to review online

Assign Reviewer roles to your subject matter experts so that they can review the course with you, no matter where they are located geographically.

Share and reuse assets and resources

RapideL's single location repository allows all your project team members to share and reuse assets, resources, templates and galleries across courses and projects.


Package your course based on your needs

Depending on your requirements, package your course for web-based delivery (no compliance/ tracking available), or package it to comply with SCORM standards.

Publish in a format of your choice

RapideL supports both Flash and HTML5 output. Decide what devices you want to deploy your courseware, and then simply publish your course in the format that works best.

Manage your courseware and course assets

Use RapideL's single location repository to save and archive course assets and export course transcript to Excel or Word formats for future revisions and updates.
Manage your courseware & course assets

Return on Investment

Optimise effort, reduce cost, save time, fuel performance

The right rapid authoring tool is only right for you when it gets you the right results. With RapideL, our clients have got just that. Here's why...
  • Collaborative, role-based review mechanism – reduces feedback efforts by up to 30%
  • Multi-user WYSIWYG workflows – reduces development time by up to 40%
  • Customizable settings, reusable assets – reduces development cost by up to 50%
  • High-quality, interactive Flash or HTML5 course output – reduces time-to-market, increases deployment footprint, improves learning efficiency and fuels performance
Return on Investment


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RapideL is hosted in cloud environment that allows us the flexibility to scale up the infrastructure within hours. The advantages of Cloud hosting are rapid deployment, customization, flexible use, scalability, reliability and efficiency.
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Yes, collaborative authoring and reviewing is possible using RapideL "Check-in/Check-out" feature.
RapideL works on a SaaS architecture, and will be hosted by Indecomm's within its secure cloud environment
RapideL incorporates robust data access, privacy and security features. For example, the tenant account created for a client can only be accessed by the users assigned to the tenant and specific instance of the application. Other users will not be able to access any details of this tenant site.
Yes, we will be happy to provide design and creative services to help your team. All such additional services will be charged at actuals.
Yes, Indecomm Learning can design custom UI and themes for your courseware. All such additional services will be charged at actuals.