Looking for a way to automate the cumbersome manual process of creating and updating ILT materials?

WOW! Author, a macro-based ILT authoring platform set up in Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to automate the process of creating the key ILT components: Facilitator Guide (FG), Participant Guide (PG), and Presentation Deck. It also allows you to easily update these materials.

WOW! Author is based on the philosophy Single Input, Multiple Outputs—a single Master Document used to generate the key components of the ILT in .docx, .PDF, and .PPT formats.

Key Features

  • Light Platform
  • No installation
  • Intuitive interface
  • A single toolbar tab with different buttons to author the Master Document
  • Automated workflow for development of ILT components
  • Consistent output
  • Customizable templates
  • Compatible with MS Word 2007 – 2013


  • 80% automation of the development life cycle
  • Insertion of exact page reference of PG in FG
  • Insertion of graphics/images from a central repository
  • Automatic numbering of all graphics/images in sequence
  • Standardization of all elements
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy update of the three ILT components


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